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That Saturday evening at 5:30pm,

Chuck will be performing at

the heART of  Mt. Helix

benefit in La Mesa…

so make it a full art day!

After a two-year run, Ballast Point Gallery has sailed from it's brick n' mortar port at Liberty Station NTC to a creative presence on the world-wide web. Find all the quality art you came to expect in our Gallery, plus an expanding inventory of offerings

for collectors at all levels.

No hints at what you will discover for now,

but we'll notify you through an eBlast when

we're up and running ~ sign our

Guest Book below if you

wanna be the first to hear!

For all the Friends of the Gallery we've

enjoyed seeing month after month, thank you for your continuing support.

Catch us in Booths

236, 237


August 16 & 17, 20-14

10am to 6pm

Chuck McPherson

and Linda Mullen

will have their BEST

creations on display.